KRAKOW(CRACOW) CITY TOURS and more                        - Discover and Enjoy fine, tasty Polish food during your stay in Krakow - Have a great time !

open-air food market in Krakow

Polish specialities store

Polish regional organic goat cheese

Polish traditional restaurant


KRAKOW(CRACOW) CULINARY TOUR               "Unique and Memorable "


- open-air food market visit
- visit to the food stores with Polish specialities
- the taste of local, traditional Polish dishes during the lunch animated by the culinary coach at the typical, traditional Polish restaurant.

3-hour tour: walking tour with a personal English speaking culinary coach.

The prices:
- 200 PLN/person (minimum 2 people)

- by e-mail
to book minimum 7 days before a private CRACOW CULINARY TOUR
- Terms, meeting point and departure times will be fixed during the reservation.

taste Polish beer in Krakow

Polish traditional food restaurant