KRAKOW(CRACOW) CITY TOURS and more                        - Discover and Enjoy fine, tasty Polish food during your stay in Krakow - Have a great time !

Cooking lesson      Cooking lesson in Krakow

          Cooking lesson in Krakow

Cooking lesson in Krakow

Polish food cooking lesson


KRAKOW(CRACOW) COOKING CLASS                          "The Art of Polish Cooking"

Cracow Cooking Class - "Join the fun, food & friends"

This lesson invites you to explore the world of traditional Polish food !!

This is a hands-on course in the private "Cracow Cooking Apartment" in the center of Krakow.

Cooking lesson will be comprised of a complete menu, preparing traditional Polish dishes and finishing with tasty dessert.
Dinner (or lunch) to follow based on your efforts.

You have a choice between different menus:
Menu No. 1
- one of the most popular Polish soups "Barszcz"
- the most popular Polish dishe, stuffed dumplings - the famous "Pierogi"
- one of the delicious Polish desserts
- Drinks: compote
Menu No. 2
- popular Polish rye flour soup "Zurek"
- stuffed cabbage rolls - tasty "Golabki"
- typical polish dessert
- Drinks: compote
Super Polish Beer as suplement !
The recipes will be provided to each participant.
Menu No. 3
- menu surprise !

by e-mail:

Contact us to book a private Cracow Cooking Class - individual hours & terms,
minimum 7 days before your CRACOW COOKING CLASS date.
- Terms, meeting point and start times will be fixed during the reservation.

The price: - 200 PLN/person
(minimum 2 persons during the Cracow Cooking Class).